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One more pointer back to the SF and religion discussion, which unfolded in two parallel comment threads to some very interesting stuff [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] — Followup post here: [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

How I spent three days at Worldcon and never saw Neil Gaiman — I draw your attention to this remark by the Mighty God King: If there is a single definitive Worldcon uniform, it is the Hawaiian shirt. This was most common among pros who had nothing to prove Hahahahah. (Thanks to .)

Red Meat touches on our SFnal world — And possibly other parts of our world…

Airships and TentaclesDark Roasted Blend interviews artist Myke Amend.

Won Park’s Money Origami — The koi is pretty damned amazing, but also check out the Millenium Falcon.

Meteorite Found on Mars Yields Clues About Planet’s Past — Cool! (Snurched from io9.com.)

Aspirin Seen Aiding Colorectal Cancer Patients — This is ironic to me, because I’m basically off aspirin for life, as my colorectal cancer originally presented through an internal hemorrhage.

New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit — Bill Maher explains Communism (and pre-Reaganite America) for you. (Thanks to .)

Salon.com snarks on the current debate

rants on healthcare — I just cannot understand why conservatives think the current system works, and why they are so afraid of changing it. A combination of selfishness and ignorance is the best answer I can come up with, given that no one has articulated a clear vision of opposition beyond “OH NOES, TEH SOCIALISM!” Unless conservatives actually think ranking 39th in the world in infant mortality figures is “the best”… (Thanks to for pointing this out.)

?otD: Why do they call it hump day?

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