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A quick update about a non-cancer health issue I’m having. I appear to have damaged my left rotator cuff back in May. After several months of screwing around while my arm grew progressively worse, I am commencing physical therapy next week on my return to Portland. In the mean time, I’ve reached a point where my left arm aches all the time, and I can be completely debilitated with pain for five to ten minutes simply by grabbing something moderately heavy with my left hand. This has also translated to intermittent pain in my left wrist and hand, and some minor pain in my right wrist and hand as I indulge in poorly-considered compensating behaviors.

You can imagine what the prospect of pain in my hands does to me.

Second order effects of all this include excessive sleeping, due to both the pain and the rather alarming amount of Ibuprofen I am now taking under doctor’s orders. Excessive sleep makes me logey and cuts into my exercise time (though I did fine this morning), which, when combined with the irregular food habits of travel, means I’m putting on weight beyond my normal baseline range.

All in all, this is not made of win.

It’s also perfectly solvable. I just need to be more diligent about exercise and eating, and, more to the point, stay ahead of the shoulder problems. But grr. Frankly, this is more of a pain in the neck on a day-to-day basis than the cancer has been.

Updates as conditions warrant. In the mean time, carry on.

2 thoughts on “[personal] Non-cancer health

  1. Between the cancer scare and the chronic pain problem, I am amazed you’re not in the depths of serious depression. I salute your ability to stay focused on the writing in the midst of so much alarming health turmoil.

  2. Meran says:

    I had the vert same problem, last year this time, same shoulder. In fact, I ignored it for several years until it got worse… I went to physical therapy… Not much improved, until a young therapist gave me a couple tips on how to recognize the difference between ligament vs tendon exercises. Voilà! The pain has faded. And the exercises are ~very simple. Fix your shoulder, no surgery, no heavy duty exercises either… You need a rolled up towel, a door, and a piece of exercise rubber. 🙂

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