[food] Porking the marinade

I had made some more of the Insanely Good Simple Chicken Marinade [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] a few days ago, and had too much of it for the amount of chicken on hand. (This is the variant with the agave nectar cut 1:1 with fresh-squeezed lime juice before being mixed with the salsa verde.)

So today I soaked a couple of half-pound pork loins in the marinade, along with the srirachi and soy sauce. After about two and a half hours, I took them out, and laid them in a dredge of white flour with an unseemly amount of black pepper, paprika and garlic powder mixed therein. Then they went into olive oil on medium heat for a while. Served on a sesame kaiser roll, some serious yum going on there.

I suppose I need to change the name of the Insanely Good Simple Chicken Marinade to the Insanely Good Simple Marinade.

(And I ate too much…)