[personal] A glimpse inside my mind

In case you were wondering how my mind works, here’s a partial list of the things that I thought about on my pre-dawn walk this morning, in semirandom order as I can recall them an hour later:

  • Why the local police have switched from Crown Vics to Dodge Chargers
  • The value of a passive predation strategy that relies on stupid prey (ie, spiders in their webs)
  • World building and character elements in Sunspin
  • Whatever happened to wooden wheels on cars?
  • some more
  • The question of artifactual intelligence vs nonartifactual intelligence, and whether the human race as a whole is missing the point
  • That I need to go to the grocery store today or tomorrow
  • Where the hell the moon was, since I’d seen it in the sky yesterday morning
  • ‘s new school year
  • What was the animal in the bushes that sounded like a wounded howler monkey
  • Oregon weather
  • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

5 thoughts on “[personal] A glimpse inside my mind

  1. Matt H says:

    According to a buddy of mine in the Beaverton PD, the transition from Crown Vics to Chargers is driven by the fact that Crown Vic engines tend to fry during high speed chases that last too long. Apparently the Charger can pretty much go on forever, and police forces nationwide are beginning to recognize it.

    The rest I don’t believe I can help you with.

    1. Cora says:

      In the Netherlands, the highway patrol uses Porsche 911s, since they can keep up with and overtake even the worst of speeders.

  2. Matt H says:

    Is that where you’re from? My family is from Friesland.

    1. Cora says:

      I’m German actually, but spent a lot of time in the Netherlands as a teenager, so I saw the cool police Porsches.

      Since your family is from Friesland, do they or you speak Friesisch?

      1. Matt H says:

        We have extended family that still lives there, and I’m sure they do. My branch of the family moved to the US in 1894.

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