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[personal] A glimpse inside my mind

In case you were wondering how my mind works, here’s a partial list of the things that I thought about on my pre-dawn walk this morning, in semirandom order as I can recall them an hour later:

  • Why the local police have switched from Crown Vics to Dodge Chargers
  • The value of a passive predation strategy that relies on stupid prey (ie, spiders in their webs)
  • World building and character elements in Sunspin
  • Whatever happened to wooden wheels on cars?
  • some more
  • The question of artifactual intelligence vs nonartifactual intelligence, and whether the human race as a whole is missing the point
  • That I need to go to the grocery store today or tomorrow
  • Where the hell the moon was, since I’d seen it in the sky yesterday morning
  • ‘s new school year
  • What was the animal in the bushes that sounded like a wounded howler monkey
  • Oregon weather
  • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

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