[links] Link salad dons a fool’s cap

Last Drink Bird Head — And so we write for charity.

Ongoing Google Books Settlement neepery from Scrivener’s Error

The X-15 rocket plane, just prior to launch — Wow…

Craters Show 1970s Viking Lander Missed Martian Ice by Inches — Give an inch, take 80 million mile.

A Better Bug for BiofuelsScientists are optimizing a lipid-producing microbe to make biofuels. Mmm, growing your own gasoline in a Mason jar would be cool.

Thanks For Not Killing Us Anymore — The decline of public smoking, environmentalism and us. (FWIW, I can recall back in the 1970s asking people please not to light up and having them laugh and blow smoke in my face. We’ve come a long way, baby.)

?otD: Biscuits or toast?

Body movement: 60 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 5.75
This morning’s weigh-in: 235.8
Currently reading: The Real Wizard of Oz by Rebecca Loncraine

2 thoughts on “[links] Link salad dons a fool’s cap

  1. Jaws says:

    You see, Jay, that was one of the advantages of becoming “the Old Man” at 23. As the squadron commander, I could put “No Smoking” signs up in and around my office… and keep an empty fire extinguisher under my desk as a visual aid for those who had to visit me and couldn’t read. OK, it was a little bit after the 70s… but not very much.

  2. Cora says:

    I still remember the time when it was impolite for non-smokers to ask smokers not to smoke in their own home. My Mom’s family were (still are, those that are still alive at any rate) heavy smokers and whenever they visited us, we had to open all windows in the entire house afterwards just to get rid of the smoke and the smell. But just telling them to knock it off was considered impolite. And both my Dad and I had mild smoke allergies.

    I do think that the smoking ban is going too far in some instances, e.g. I have no problem with clearly labeled smokers’ bars as long as I don’t have to visit them. But it’s a good thing that it’s no longer acceptable for smokers to inflict their habit on non-smokers.

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