[books] Madness of Flowers gets a star from PW

Madness of Flowers cover

Madness of Flowers has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

Readers unfamiliar with 2006’s Trial of Flowers will be baffled by this sequel; those who have read the former are likely to be both delighted and flabbergasted by the latter. The City Imperishable is the decadent relic of a magical empire in which human and numinal forces struggled until the Old Gods were almost forgotten — but this familiar-sounding background doesn’t set up a predictable heroic fantasy yarn. The city’s diverse inhabitants, including demigods and manmade dwarves, are subject to violent physical and moral transformations, and Lake’s lushly energetic writing pulls readers through startling developments. Major concerns this time include bloody political intrigue, a blockade by corsairs and an expedition to the North that may lead to the city’s rebirth or its doom. The result is exuberantly odd, melodramatically ironic and dangerously wonderful.

6 thoughts on “[books] Madness of Flowers gets a star from PW

  1. Meran says:

    I loved this, Jay; will be writing a dual review on the Flowers books, after the Madness of the Double Holidays is done. Is the next one, IS there going to be a next one, done or in work????

    1. Jay says:

      I have a notion for a book called Reign of Flowers, but I probably won’t write it unless there’s a contact.

  2. Meran says:

    I imagine you meant “contract”? I can’t think of a publisher not wanting to pick up on that action…
    Here’s a question I always wanted to ask: how much (percentage) does an author get for their book (of this size, say); does the publisher pay up front?; does a book have to sell so many to have a sequel done? I guess that’s more than 1 question 🙂
    I watch Bones on tv; she’s a writer andboasts of so many copies sold, etc. I wonder how realistic that fact is… I’m not asking cuz I want to write and sell; it’s just my curiosity lobe wanting to be fed…

    1. Jay says:

      Erm, “contract”, yes. Sigh.

      Royalties are typically scaled by edition, but back of the envelope, figure 10% of cover price. So for a $8 mass market paperback, the author gets $0.80, for a $25 hardback, the author gets $2.50, etc. Royalty calculations are actually more complex, but that’s how it comes out in the wash. Given the balance in numbers between hardback and mass market, if you see “million copy bestseller”, on rough rule of thumb figure a buck a book net, or a million bucks.

      Typically the publisher calculates expected royalties, and calculates the advance on that. Small publishers will pay part on contract signing, part on publication. Trade publishers will pay on contract, delivery and publication.

      Sequels depend on book performance. If MADNESS sells out its advance and earns some further net royalties, Night Shade will possibly be interested in REIGN. If not, they won’t. It’s that simple.

  3. Jarrod says:

    Dear Mr Lake,

    Just a brief comment on your cunning marketing skills to introduce new readers to your work. While googling my name (as one does during a lunch break) I was stunned to discover that I have been immortalised in your novel ‘Madness of Flowers’ as a chair warming backbencher from the Assemblage of Burgesses in the opening chapter. Eager to discover what befalls my namesake I immediately purchased both novels in the series and I am currently waiting their delivery. =8)

    In all seriousness however, I wish you the very best health, and a speedy recovery.

    Jarrod Selsmark

    1. Jay says:

      That is hilarious! Enjoy!!!

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