[cancer] So now what?

It’s the morning after. There’s a great deal of work to come, much of it quite unpleasant. But still, I feel so much better. Because we can take action, we have a plan, Things Will Be Done. and I have gone from formless dread to logistics. And believe me, I’m much better at logistics than I am at formless dread.

So now I plan, and deal, and run around, then get my ass kicked in surgery. I’ll melt again right before the surgery. I’ll melt again when it comes time to prescribe and plan chemo. But for now, I can be as strong as I like, and as busy as I always seem to need to be.

In other news, several people have suggested pulling together a book about this, specifically on the male experience of cancer. I took a few steps toward pitching a book last year, but the interest was low. Still, it’s on my mind.

For now, thank you everyone for the flood of good wishes, positive energy and prayer. (Yes, I did say “prayer”. I may be a frothing atheist, but if it works for you, I’m proud to be a focus.) More to come.

Nacho Day approacheth.