[cancer] Visiting the patient

I’d been thinking about having some of my friends attending OryCon visit me in the hospital, but I’m told they’re being extremely vigilant about visitation due to risks from H1N1 and seasonal flu. I may have trouble even getting my immediate circle of family and friends in.

So the fallback plan is to have interested folks visit Nuevo Rancho Lake on Sunday. I should be discharged from the hospital on Saturday to continue post-op recovery at home.

However, that presents several potential issues. First, we have no idea what state of mind or body I’ll be in. Visitors may be impractical unless it’s a tour of Jay snoring in an opiate-induced haze, for example. Second, because this is lung surgery, I’ll be incredibly vulnerable to respiratory infections, including common colds, flu and pneumonia. And if someone brings me Con Crud, that would be a wretched gift indeed.

Yet at the same time, I know me. If I’m not toxically wretched, visits from my people are immensely uplifting for me.

So we’re talking about face masks and contingency plans and whatnot. At the moment, it’s utterly unclear. Watch this space, and the blog of for details as they emerge.

However, if you are interested in seeing me that OryCon Sunday, please let me know in comments here, or by email. That might help in planning.

3 thoughts on “[cancer] Visiting the patient

  1. Meran says:

    FYI, we’ve already had a light version of the flu a month ago, so we’re a ‘safe’ environment. 🙂
    Are the docs letting you have a flu vax before?

  2. John Scalzi says:

    Webcam. All the fun of people in the room, none of the respiratory risks.

  3. I second the webcam idea. Have people use Skype to visit. Believe me you do NOT want to get an infection fresh from surgery. If you have two laptops you can have people come visit and talk from another room if they’re visitors without a webcam at home and they’ll be in the area.

    It’s probably not as good as having people there in person, but this way you’ll avoid a possible infection that will make it harder to recover and actually meet up with people face to face sooner.

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