[cancer] A brief note on stress

When I’m very stressed out, I show it in specific ways. For example, I can’t work a Sudoku puzzle. I make a lot of arithmetic errors. My sleep habits get wonky.

This is to say, I’ve been diligent about exercising lately, and I wake up on time, without the alarm clock even now, and can still work Sudokus. That’s how I know that even in the face of emotional anguish, nonstop talking about it, and comfort eating, still much of the cancer stress is me processing stuff, rather than me cratering in the face of it.

When I stop being able to wake up on time is when the shit will really have hit the fan.

5 thoughts on “[cancer] A brief note on stress

  1. Maybe, *maybe*, it being an enemy whose face you’ve seen is making it a little easier. There will be, for good or ill, less unknowns this time. Knowledge ups the ability to plan, planning can reduce that unreasoning, paralyzing fear.

    Let’s hope so.

  2. Meran says:

    Thank you for that link, kitty

  3. Cole Bitting says:

    thelittlefluffycat was nice enough to put a link to my site in her comment. I came on over.

    Congratulations on finding the wherewithal to exercise. That such a testimony to your strength of character.

    Three thoughts. Be patient with your process. You body and mind can only chew up so much distress at a time.

    Keep talking. Let other people be your ‘interpersonal sociobiological regulator.’ In other words, they can chew on some of your distress for you.

    Third and last. You might find perspective if you thing about your anguish in two parts – you and your pain. Separate yourself from the pain if only to recognize that part of healing is healing that wound. You work your process not ‘on you’ but rather, ‘on the pain.’

    Be well.

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