[cancer|writing] Commitments – some met, some shed

As my cancer surgery approaches, and the indeterminate recovery period, followed by the runup to chemo, I am closing out my commitments. Some have been met, some I am shedding. I’ll deliver “The Specific Gravity of Grief” to the requesting editor before surgery next week, and I’ll meet my contract commitments on Endurance next spring. Other than that, everything’s being cut until I know what my resources are, in terms of time, energy and my ability to write under adverse medical circumstances.

That being said, if I’ve promised you a story, or I owe you a blurb, a book in the mail or something else, and you have not heard from me already, now would be an excellent time to remind me. (Among other things, stress is rather savagely robbing both my memory and my focus on follow-through.) After early next week, my ability to even pay attention, let alone deliver, will be compromised for a while.

So please, hit me in comments or via email if it looks like I’m not going to do something you’re counting on. We’ll negotiate from there.

One thought on “[cancer|writing] Commitments – some met, some shed

  1. Don’t you still owe me $10 for the time in the place with the thing?

    Or have you never been to Belize?

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