[cancer] Almost there

A very nice evening with friends and family tonight. and are helping me keep the demons at bay, but we’re down to the wire. Nothing by mouth after midnight, not even water, and we’re leaving Nuevo Rancho Lake around 5:25 am to head for the hospital for 6 am check-in.

For surgical and post-op updates, watch ‘s blog, or my Twitter feed at @jay_lake, both of which will be updated by . I expect will be updating her Twitter feed as well, @ShellyRaeClift. This blog will be dark for days once I go in.

Going to see if sleep is possible tonight.

3 thoughts on “[cancer] Almost there

  1. Alley says:

    big big hugs, from someone who’s cancer also metastized to her lungs. And hey, it’s a year later and guess who’s still breathing? 🙂

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you. And good for you!

  2. Laura says:

    I will be thinking good thoughts for you.. best of luck that they get it ALL!!!

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