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[cancer] I may be some time

and are about to take me to hospital. Admission at 6 am, surgery at 7:30, not sure when the actual prep time begins. Ah, epidurals. For what it’s worth, I did sleep okay last night.

I could write a lot about fear, panic, irrationality, love, friendship, medicine, cancer, parents, children, caring, sharing. But not now. Now I go to face the knife.

As previously stated, this blog will be going dark for a while. For surgical and post-op updates, watch ‘s blog, or my Twitter feed at @jay_lake, both of which will be updated by . I expect will be updating her Twitter feed as well, @ShellyRaeClift. This blog will be dark for days once I go in.

Anyway, I guess this is good-bye. Or more to the point, see you later.

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