[cancer] I may be some time

and are about to take me to hospital. Admission at 6 am, surgery at 7:30, not sure when the actual prep time begins. Ah, epidurals. For what it’s worth, I did sleep okay last night.

I could write a lot about fear, panic, irrationality, love, friendship, medicine, cancer, parents, children, caring, sharing. But not now. Now I go to face the knife.

As previously stated, this blog will be going dark for a while. For surgical and post-op updates, watch ‘s blog, or my Twitter feed at @jay_lake, both of which will be updated by . I expect will be updating her Twitter feed as well, @ShellyRaeClift. This blog will be dark for days once I go in.

Anyway, I guess this is good-bye. Or more to the point, see you later.

7 thoughts on “[cancer] I may be some time

  1. phillyreds (twitter) says:

    Best wishes for the most appropriate of Thanksgiving Days.

    BTW a new convert to your books – just read Green and LOVED it 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Come back soon! Lotsa love to you, Jay, and to your wonderful friends & caregivers.

  3. Chris York says:

    Jay – we’re thinking of you, and I’m madly knitting hats. It’s a talisman of hope, and all our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Chris & Steve

  4. John Ginsberg-Stevens says:

    Go and get well. Heal quickly, and we’ll be here when you return.

  5. Rev. Meiko says:

    We are praying for you in the way we Buddhist do it. Be well and heal quickly.
    Bows of gratitude and respect for your life,
    Rev. Meiko

  6. Just heard on the SFWA site you were out of surgery and doing well. Awesome.

    Best of luck, Jay.

  7. Jeff Ford says:

    Jay: Just read on Locus that your surgery went well. Very glad to hear it. Hope you’re back home soon and feeling better.

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