[cancer] A bit of an update on today’s festivities

As of 0:dark:stupid is on her way back to sunny California. Wish her well on the long drive home.

I’m here at Nuevo Rancho Lake with , further improving on my further improvements. We braved a one mile walk in the 19 degree air this morning, because I couldn’t stand not to get out and move.

Dad is coming over shortly to take us out for some errand running, then a physical therapy appointment, then a psychotherapy appointment. Much as happened yesterday, by the time we get home I’ll be a puddle of exhaustion. The rest of the week is much lighter, with a couple of low key family events, and that’s about it.

Main thing right now is waiting to find out the surgery date for having my port implanted. I figure that’s about like getting a Harkonnen heart plug installed, which can only serve to make me even more science fictional.

For now, sprawled on the couch attempting to recover energy for the next part of the day.