[cancer|photos] Chemotherapy, in pictures

Yesterday was day one of session one of my chemotherapy. I blogged and tweeted as the process went on, so I won’t bother to repeat the blow-by-blows, but herewith is a chronicle in photos:


braiding my hair in case of vomiting.


We put the EMLA on my chest an hour before. This numbs the skin over the port so the needle insertion isn’t so painful.


In the waiting room of the Medical Oncology unit at OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing.


The first of many rounds of drugs. (The rest were IV.) These are mostly for nausea control.


Waiting for some action.


Some action. They hung about ten or twelve different bags on me through the day, and later I acquired a third pump.


gave me the first of what proved to be many spoons. The nurses were impressed. This one is like her, slightly cracked, broken necked, but a beautiful survivor.


send along a spoon with a card illustrated by her. Now I know what Hieronymus Bosch was drawing at age 12.


Medicine is always more fun when it comes in a biohazard bag.


Look, ma! Three pumps! Plus my highly weird and entertaining P.A., Jon.


A spoon from , cleverly styled to match the hat so generously knitted for me by .


Sometimes it’s just funny.

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