[cancer] Food issues

Oddly, today it has come down to food issues. I have no appetite. I don’t mean I’m not hungry. It’s not nausea, except incidentally when I go too long without food. I mean no appetite. As in, “food, what’s that?” This from a lifetime chowhound who’s always struggled with comfort eating and never had blood sugar issues to speak of. There’s a reason I used to weigh nearly 300 pounds. Had a couple of near-crashes due to this issue already. has been really keeping on me about this. (As a two-time chemo survivor, she knows whereof she speaks.)

So we’re going to work through the protocols more carefully tomorrow, and document them for both me and my family/friends/caregivers. What it boils down to is not letting my stomach get too empty, yet dealing with not wanting to eat.

Basically, I wear out faster than I expect, recover more slowly than I expect, and much of this is keyed to food intake, and the nutritional balance thereof. Chemo, duh. But still, oddly unexpected.

We live and learn, we do, we do.

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  1. Nancy Wirsig McClure says:

    I had the same “what’s food?” experience in Mexico when I was 19, after recovering from a bout of Montezuma’s Revenge. It was very, very odd. But rather convenient for a couple of days of wandering around Mexico City alone.

    Since you aren’t a healthy 19-year-old, you are right to insist on food “keeping a place at the table.” 😉

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