[cancer] A bit more on food, and what’s next

Well, three days after chemo, it continues to be clear that the issue is keeping my digestive system a little bit busy whenever I’m awake. I ate something close to a normal meal last night, prepared by the lovely and talented . But mostly, as discussed previously here, the key is a little bit of food every hour or so. Because when I run out, Bad Things Start to Happen.

Lower GI continues somewhat distressed, but not to the point of needing medication (which I have). Weight is maintaining ok, mildly to my surprise. And I think the food issues are stabilizing as I get further from the infusion dates. From my current vantage point, the hardest part appears to be staying ahead of the eating trends after each cycle.

heads home today. is coming to visit for a few days, and I’m going to try for a lightly social weekend in Seattle — probably my last out of town trip this spring except for hoped-for excursion to Rainforest Writers Village. Another walk this morning, another day of work, some more writing this afternoon. Life goes on.

2 thoughts on “[cancer] A bit more on food, and what’s next

  1. rhbee says:

    Just two things to say on this my first visit. I just started reading you, Green, and everyone of us faces the fear of what your cancer is doing to you. Your posting about it allays the feeling of dread. I want to tell you that after seeing Cameron’s Avatar, I couldn’t believe that serendipity would bring me Green. I believe we have to imagine solutions that don’t end in war and destruction. Green’s insistence on finding a way, magical, and satisfyingly succeeds.

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