[personal|cancer] A wrap on the day

All in all, a good day. and I had breakfast with my parents at Bob’s Red Mill, accompanied by . Bob his own self was a couple of tables over, but we didn’t bother him. The drive up to Seattle was much easier than expected, both weather and traffic wise. Party this afternoon was lovely, and I got to see the lushly appointed residence of and , as well as seeing a number of old friends.

Home to Chez after that, with much talkage and Chinese dinner. In the morning, we’re breakfasting with and (hopefully) her brother, then I’ll head over to her place to play network engineer and suchlike.

Last night’s massive digestive issues echo into today. Among other things, I’m very difficult to share lavatory space with. I’m in there too long and too often, and the resultant odors are overwhelming for anyone else who needs to venture in. This is one of those weird, embarrassing realities of my situation — granted I have iffy digestion on my best days, but currently I’m in a whole different, much nastier class. Still not sure how much this intersects with my intermittent lactose intolerance, and/or some as-yet unidentified bad food issue from the last 24-36 hours, but both constipation and diarrhea are definitely known side effects of chemo. Frankly, is putting up with more than a human should have to, tonight.

Zonking out soon, but I’m glad I made the trip.

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  1. This might help. Granted, it’s One More Thing, but still. 🙂


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