[cancer] Chemotherapy, day two of session two

Yesterday was very slow. Wearing the pump with the 5FU infusion is numbing in a number of senses. Still, we managed a two mile walk, and a reasonable amount of intelligent conversation. Not much else for me, though. Too vague and unfocused to either read or write.

I did forget to mention a lovely new tranche of spoons which were deployed on Friday at the infusion center. That was fun. On the down side, this morning, the first signs of cold sensitivity and peripheral neuropathy expressed themselves. Sigh. The peripheral neuropathy is especially scary, because it’s the one of these side effects with the potential for permanent damage.

Onward I go. Pumps comes off about 2 pm this afternoon, then (hopefully) a walk.

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  1. Meran says:

    I had a sympathy dream about you last night.. You got a small break 🙂

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