[personal|cancer] The day that was

Not much to say about yesterday, except it was a bit too much. Everything happened in a row. Day Jobbery was more intense than usual, so by the time the workday was over, I was too out of gas to work on Endurance as planned. Early, light dinner with Mom and Dad last night, then an early bed time. Other than the usual ongoing fatigue and lower GI nonsense, chemo side effects were minimal, which makes sense as yesterday was the ‘off’ Friday and the beginning of my non-infusion week.

Met almost none of my productivity goals this week outside of the mandatories — sleep, heal, time with and Day Jobbery. quite correctly pointed out to me yesterday (again) that my expectations of myself on infusion week need to be even looser than on the off week. At any rate, I will write tomorrow, and is coming to visit for a few days, which will be nice. Also made some nice long-term plans with for when she resumes her reign of terror as Two-Wheeled Road Mistress this coming summer.

Today is the Big Move. A collection of kindly friends and strangers will be arriving at Nuevo Rancho Lake later this morning. I’ll be buying a lot of pizza and staying out of the way as much as possible. My absolute lack of preparation for this room swap within my house is embarassing, but that’s the whole point of asking for the help. I can’t do that stuff without burning every spoon I own and going deep into deficit.

It’s probably just as well this is Big Move day. Otherwise I’d spend all my time ranting on Twitter about the Amazon-Macmillan fiasco. Wait, that’s what I’ve been doing. Never mind. Carry on. As you were.