[cancer] Chemotherapy session three, day two

Yesterday was pretty low key. Watched 5/6 of the extended edition of Lord of the Rings completely with Tweetsnark. Tried to avoid being a goofball on the Internets on account of chemo brain making me a danger to myself and others. I did manage to make a brief appearance at Mother of the Child’s birthday bash, with my parents and . Lasted a little over 30 minutes, then left.

Did have one odd moment there, when a parent from ‘s school asked me how I was doing. I mentioned chemotherapy (the pump was dangling from my chest), and she couldn’t get away from me fast enough, without saying another word. I know cancer freaks some people out, badly, but I’m still surprised when it happens.

Still, it was a good day. Slept 10.5 hours last night, combination of exhaustion and Lorazepam. Watching Whip It this morning with before she and unohook my pump later this afternoon. We’ll follow that with the chemo bottle ritual.

Then is back to Seattle. is back on Thursday, then off to RadCon with on Friday. is back Friday through Sunday. returns Sunday. arrives Monday for week’s visit, which overlaps with and then with the next chemo round. A nonstop burbling kettle of fun here at Nuevo Rancho Lake.

Photos to come, probably.

2 thoughts on “[cancer] Chemotherapy session three, day two

  1. Marilyn Holt says:

    Oh, love, hang in there. I send virtual hugs to you, and thanks to all those who really help you.

  2. Sydney Duncan says:

    Hang in there, man. Many of us out here are quietly with you.

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