[cancer] A wrapper on chemo infusion session three

This one went a little easier in some ways, and a little harder in others. I had more dread heading into infusion day last Friday. and my family were magnificent, was much missed. I spent more time resting and sleeping this weekend, including 9.25 hours last night, after unhooking. Which makes me feel very deprived, given my usual habits and productivity. The chemo bottle ritual [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] was not nearly so overwhelming this time.

I am down three, nine to go. As says, I’m not actually sick right now, they’ve taken the second tumor out of me. I’m doing this preventatively. So far my cancer has been like an exotic Soap Opera Disease — potentially fatal, but right now I’d still leave a good looking corpse. No wasting away for me. Not yet, anyway.

It’s all so strange.

is staying at the house to look after me until tomorrow, as I tend to forget to eat these first two days, then Bad Things happen. This week I have the digestive shedding to look forward to, along with the usual fatigue nonsense. Some social life occurs later this week, then returns, followed by the return of . My life is lived in the rhythms of the tide of chemo.