[writing] Jay Lake’s Handy Guide to Genre Distinctions

I have found genre distinctions in fiction publishing to be sometimes confusing.

To aid others in their curiosity, and planning their reading lists, I present the following handy guide.

Genre Distinguishing Characteristics

General fiction Nothing to explain

Literary fiction If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand it anyway

Mystery Explain what happened

Thriller/Technothriller Explain how it happened

Romance Explain who it happened to

Western Explain what lily-livered varmint gone and done it

Horror Explain what’s about to happen

Science Fiction Explain everything in technical detail

Fantasy Explain everything in nonsensical detail

Magical Realism Explain nothing

Surrealism Go fishing for ice cream

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9 thoughts on “[writing] Jay Lake’s Handy Guide to Genre Distinctions

  1. Ashavan Doyon says:

    This is really funny… and oddly absolutely spot on.

  2. Patrick says:

    I grinned at the go fishing for ice cream line.

  3. You didn’t write that the Romance is badly written! 😉

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