[links] Link salad tries to go lite, fails

celebrates YogurtFail 2010 with a caption contest

Book Love Affair reviews Metatropolis

Russians: The world’s hardest writers — An SF writer smackdown would last about 15 seconds in the ring with these guys.

Future perfect continuous passive?Language Log uncovers a new English verb tense.

On Crete, New Evidence of Very Ancient Mariners — Some cool deep prehistory here.

UnorthodoxCiliates like the paramecium have very unusual sex, a fact often unmentioned in high school biology class. Some strange biology neepery here. Good reading for you skiffy worldbuilding types.

‘Smart Dust’ and Solar Sails — Mmm, swarm spacecraft. I have a new favorite term, from this article: Microscale Infinite-Impulse (MII) spacecraft

Tea Party Movement Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right — I’m starting to think it’s dangerous to look at these people as a laughable fringe. They’re wrong about virtually everything, both morally and on the simple face of the facts, but they have a lot of potential, and a very charismatic, gleefully know-nothing demagogue in Sarah Palin.

Bachmann Blasts Taxes, Spending And Debt Under Obama — Falsely Claims Bush Only Built Up $400 Billion In Debt — This is exactly the kind of GOP lie that runs unchallenged in the press, and gets approving nods from the pundits and the voters. Why is there never any consequences, never any accountability, when conservatives make shit up? Ronald Reagan’s “welfare queen” speech is still fixed in the conservative mind, and it’s long since been recognized that his speechwriters fabricated the story simply for the shock value.

Rich Lowry’s brain — Glenn Greenwald on Rich Lowry’s claim that “only an extremist says: the other side in the American political discussion, shares the same agenda as radical jihadidsts.” As someone who actually remembers the Bush years (unlike, apparently, Lowry), where conservatives quite literally claimed that secular Western liberals longed for the imposition of Shariate Law, I find this another bizarre example of conservative doublethink of the sort that would keep me from being able to tie my shoes in the morning out of sheer stupidity, should my brain work that way. Greenwald does a magnificent job of deconstruction. There’s no longer even a pretense of intellectual consistency on the Right, is there?

?otD: Tastes great or less filling?

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