[cancer] Chemotherapy, day one of session four

Yesterday could have gone better. We got to the infusion center only to find the lab computers were down, and they couldn’t do my initial bloodwork. This went on so long I eventually saw the oncologist without the blood results, which is not the normal modus operandi. By the time they set the Huber needle into my chest port, preparatory to doing the bloodwork and the infusion, the ELMA topical anaesthetic I applied an hour before going in had worn off. The needle hurt going in. Not surgical-grade pain, but still astonishingly difficult. And needle had gone slight off, so the chemo nurse had to go fishing, which was even more unpleasant.

Due to these various alarums and excursions, we started infusion about an hour later than normal. It went well enough once things got going. and my parents were there all day, except when Dad went to get us lunch. H— dropped by briefly. Got home about an hour late as well, though it’s not like I had anything else scheduled.

Oncologist recommended I take a lot more fibre, to try to deal with the ongoing GI madness. She also said it was highly likely I’d have to miss a session in the future as my white blood cell counts drop too low. That will play hob with the visiting schedules of and , as well as my own very carefully crafted work schedule. Oh well. My Neutrophil granulocytes keep dropping, which is apparently the leading indicator for WBC decline. All of this is expected as part of the chemo experience.

Spent my afternoon and evening in the recliner. kept me fed and attended to. We watched Dune (see prior Twittersnark) and then Time Bandits (during which I fell asleep). Vegging with DVDs today and generally being on chat and Twitter, but definitely under the influence of chemo brain.

Want to make another, larger and more thoughtful post about cancer, chemo and side effects, but definitely need to wait until next week when I’m off the pump and the worst of chemo brain has cleared.