[cancer] Chemotherapy, day three of session four

Posted yesterday’s story mostly in images, yesterday. [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] This round went easier in a lot of ways than the previous ones had. I think this was a combination of me being more prepared for what would happen, through sheer experience, and the good luck of having several days of solid sleep and general well-being right before Friday’s infusion start.

Still a lot of stress, still a lot of trouble, still spent most of my time horizontal. Except for walking, and the chemo bottle ritual, I didn’t leave the house. After yesterday’s walk, I never really left my chair. took excellent care of me, including yeoperson’ work on extracting the the needle from the chest port yesterday. (Sadly, she returns to the UK today.) and both hung in close from afar with love and concern. Scheduling vagaries have been resolved, and I won’t go through any more chemo rounds without one or both of them close by.

Back to work today, though I’m running a tad behind from oversleeping. So far, so okay. At the moment, the chemo bit I seem most disturbed about is the sharply increased incidence of typos in my keyboarding work. Ah, brain, brain, what is brain? Nothing but a chemo drain.

Another week. Due to my planned participation in Rainforest Writers Village upcoming, I get two weeks off from infusion this cycle. Whee! I am making up for it with forthcoming visits this week and weekend from , H—, and , and . I love my friends.