[cancer] The chemo, it burns

A good but difficult day yesterday, if that makes sense. Dear friends in town, arrived, dinner with family. But too many things happened in a row, and too many minor things didn’t happen right, so I got worn out, badly.

Meanwhile, side effects are kicking up in a new and strikingly unpleasant ways. The inside of my mouth has become so sensitive that even toothpaste burns me. I ate some leftover pizza on the way out the the door yesterday morning, and it burned so much that and had to swing by McDonald’s to pick me up a milkshake. This is not a good thing. The burning and sensitivity continues today.

observes that the same process that voids my stomach lining is attacking the cells lining my mouth, and I may have attacked the newly growing replacement cells with hot, spicy pizza, tomato sauce and red peppers. This makes sense to me. Meanwhile, the tip of my tongue is raw, my mouth aches a bit, and I’m very wary of what I put in it.

In other news, my nasal passages have been scabbing over continuously these past few days.

I am not enjoying today very much, even though I am surrounded by people who love me. is here doing mom-stuff, is here doing kid-stuff, and is here doing sweetie-stuff. I resent my grumpiness. Thankfully, they do not seem to.

Stoopid chemo.