[cancer] Feeling a bit better

Magic Mouthwash works. It tastes like library paste mixed with eau de hospital floor, but it pretty much stuns my mouth into submission. That in turn reduces a lot of my general distress, and more or less eliminates my pain.

In other news, I slept much better last night, albeit a bit short yet. If I’m really going to keep waking up at 3 am, maybe I need to start going to bed later than 7 pm. Ah, the joys of chemo.

arrives in a few hours, then given that I’m feeling rather better, we’re off to Rain Forest Writers Village. Unknown bandwidth for blogging the next few days, so you may be forced to talk amongst yourselves.

2 thoughts on “[cancer] Feeling a bit better

  1. I don’t know about your chemo regimen (significantly different side effects than mine) but for me, the most most most important time to use magic mouthwash was before, during and day after infusion.

    But you were going to do that anyway.

    And I love the mohawk and the crossbow.

  2. Oh, and you do know that should you decide on purchasing a wig, it’s a ‘prosthetic’ and you medical insurance gives you some money towards it.

    Is there any particular hair you always wanted–say, I dunno, red?–but never had? This is your chance.

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