[cancer|writing] Side effects updatery, and I nearly have book

Weighed in at 234.2 pounds this morning. That’s the heaviest I’ve been in almost two years. While on chemo.

Except, in a sense, I’m briefly off chemo. Moving infusion session five back a week so I could go to Rain Forest Writers Village means my body has enjoyed significantly reduced levels of side effects. (Other than the endless fatigue, drat it.) But I’ve been eating like a chemo patient, including adding in milkshakes lately due to my continued mouth distress. (Which is also ongoing.) That probably adds 500 to 1,000 calories every day I have one. Which of course reminds me why I stopped consuming them in the first place.

At any rate, I go back on the needle in four days, so I’m not going to sweat it. departs this morning, quite soon in fact. She’ll be back for session six in two and a half weeks. arrives on Friday to help me make it through the weekend on the pump. Life is normal, in other words.

Also, woke up at 3 am (again), put in some time on Endurance, including processing ‘s feedback and edits. She heroically finished them last night after I went to sleep. My intention is to get the book out to first readers this evening, but I may slip a day. Bonus round: in the car on the way home yesterday, we talked out Kalimpura, and I am ready to write the first draft of the book’s outline now. Such timing, eh?

Meanwhile, I have a very sleepy witch to wake up shortly and take to the airport.