[writing] To fail well…

I had planned to have Endurance out to first readers by today. I’m perhaps 90 minutes short of being ready to send the manuscript off, but am simply out of gas. Nonetheless, I got an astonishing four hours of work done today, an hour and a half around 3 am, and the balance since knocking off the Day Jobbe. I’ve been hammering at this book through chemo. has read it and assures me I’m not full of cobwebs. Tomorrow it will be away.

Then I’ll turn quickly to write out my preliminary draft of the outline for Kalimpura. The third Green book is burgeoning in my mind. I won’t start drafting it until I’ve done final revisions on Endurance for Tor, but still, that should be around May or June.

Feeling pretty good about this, for all that I failed to meet my original deadline for first readers.