[cancer] Vacation from hell continues, for a few more days

Pushing chemo back a week continues to give me extra energy. I still wrestle with fatigue and mouth issues, but everything else is within spitting distance of normal. In a way, this is bad, because I’ve broken the momentum of my coping with chemo. On the other hand, I get to feel decent for a little while. So, erm, go me. And I’m leveraging this time and energy very strongly in pursuit of writing goals.

Will be renting some movies Thursday for the weekend when my brain is stuck on stand-by. I believe I’ll be Tweetsnarking 2012 Friday night, then I’ll go back to my recent poll for further Tweetsnark suggestions. Tweetsnark may be postponed to Saturday depending on my physical and mental energy, however.

Infusion session five of twelve happens Friday. will be tracking me Friday afternoon and evening. arrives late Friday evening, to be here for the weekend. I’ll be back in hell, but I go there with people whom I love, people who love me.

One thought on “[cancer] Vacation from hell continues, for a few more days

  1. Laura says:

    Just got 2012 from my sister.. will watch it today or tommorrow or maybe 1/2 today and 1/2 tommorrow. I will see how they do it.. But I plan to end the world in fire and ice.. or maybe just ice.. so hard to decide.

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