[cancer|personal] Infusion, and a car

Infusion session five of twelve tomorrow. My various parents will be taking me, and will babysit me afterward at home til arrives late tomorrow evening. I can’t be left unattended while I’m on the pump, or for a day or two afterward. My vacation from Hell is almost over. I might celebrate with a cheeseburger today, which if I do, would be the first one I’ve eaten in almost two years.

In other news, I bought a new(er) Genre car yesterday. 2002 Chrysler Sebring in silver, so it’s a little more subtle than the current whip. Assuming it clears mechanic’s inspection today (I have a recision period), the car will be the third to wear the coveted GENRE license plate. I had looked at 3-series BMW convertibles, Volvo C70 convertibles, and Toyota Solara convertibles, but for a variety of reasons decided to stick with the Sebring. It’s certainly the most unexciting driver of the bunch, but it does what I want, fairly cheaply.

Photos to come.

In other news, I slept decently last night. So much so that I missed my morning writing time slot, which I’m cool with. I have some pre-infusion errands today, so I may lose the writing time completely, which I’m not so cool with, but oh well. I’ve been highly productive this week. If I need to give mysef a bye, this is not a great loss.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Off to see my therapist soon. Maybe I’ll tell it to him instead.