[cancer] Infusion session five, day one; plus miscellany

Infusion went okay yesterday, after some initial confusion and delays. My port had clotted, which required several extra steps, and an enzyme injection, to clear. As it happened, my oncologist was double-booked, so the half-hour delay was going to happen anyway. All in all, we started the infusion about an hour late. It all ran smoothly after that. I’m pleased to note that after a week off chemo, my white blood cell counts had bounced all the way up into normal range. This suggests I’m doing well in general. The only side-effects that were truly persistent across the three week gap were the extreme fatigue and the oral pain. Everything else took a fade.

It’s all back now, of course. On the pump through tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday H— had left me a present at the clinic. Mom and Dad and were there, and stayed here overnight. arrived around 2:30 am, and is now sleeping off her drive. I have one minor errand I’d like to get done today if possible, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to miss a 4 pm funeral for a dear friend, because by then I’ll be worthlessly low energy.

In other news, things I need to post or post about soon.

  • Yesterday’s Tweetsnark of Willow
  • Some serious thoughts on Viagra, health insurance and lifestyle
  • A simplified political dictionary I’ve been mulling
  • A general, large-scale cancer update

For now, my brain is pretty fried on the 5FU pump, so it’s a tad unlikely I’ll get to any of these today. Will be tweetsnarking 2012 this afternoon or possibly this evening. Watch this space for details.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to the tweetsnark. Hang in there!

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