[cancer] Infusion session five, day three, with commentary

This round went a lot easier as well. Certainly the ease was due to skipping a week so I could go to Rainforest Writers Village. Also, a bit smarter about meds — I kept Senekot in the mix over the weekend, and cut the dexamethasone in half from the prescription level. That better addresses the balance of my side effects (no nausea, but excessive lower GI distress) while keeping my head a little clearer. Definitely overdid it on Saturday with the automobile-related errands, but made up for that with a quiescent Sunday, mostly spent watching part of season one of Heroes with . I liked that a whole lot better than I liked Lost. Will watch more of that today, most likely, as right brain won’t wake up to writing before tomorrow.

I continue to be frustrated with a number of things about this process, but they are what they are. My ability to read books is completely shot. Well, not completely. I could do that instead of writing, but given my Sekrit Projekt and Endurance deadlines, that’s not reasonable. And writing at length is coming easier than reading at length. Still, I’m badly robbing Peter to pay Paul. I think I’ll go on a book binge this summer when chemo finally clears my head for good. Also hoping that keeping the dexamethasone down will ease some of the chemohead issues.

leaves tomorrow, then I’m flying solo until both she and return on the 25th for chemo infusion session six of twelve. It will be very nice to have them both here. That also puts me and back on track for the rest of the infusion series, after prior forward planning errors.

Also, for the record, I am selling the old Genre car, a red 2000 Sebring convertible with 100,000 miles on it. If you’re a Portlandian and are interested, or know someone who is, let me know. I think it would be a great high school kid car.

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  1. Woodrow Woy says:

    I love following heroes episodes, it came from boring into a very good tv show now. During the first few episodes, I thought, its just an xmen . Now its really fun to watch, I hope the new season will be aired sooner.

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