[cancer] Another day in paradise

Doing pretty well for post-infusion. Side effects have been pleasingly minimal thus far. However, this morning I’m hungry for protein, in a big way. (Been dreaming of the fabulous gyro omelette at the Hotcake House, though that isn’t practical for me to go eat right now.) Will solve that soon otherwise.

departs this morning, after which I’m on my own til a week from Thursday, when both she and return for chemo session six. The halfway point.

I hope the Right Brain comes back on this afternoon. I’m planning to hit the Fireside writers today, at least for a little while, and need to work on the Sekrit Projekt as well as the religious steampunk lost colony novella. This weekend is tax prep time for me.

Chemo sucks, but the alternative is worse. One day at a time, as they say in another line of recovery.