[personal] Sick

Currently suffering from a moderate rhinovirus, or something of the kind. This is not a weapons-grade cold, but given that chemo robs me of my usual physical reserves, it might as well be. Oncology clinic informs me I just need to lay low unless I run a fever, at which point head for the ER. So expect little to no on-line presence this weekend while I veg and try to heal.

2 thoughts on “[personal] Sick

  1. Cora says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get off with nothing more serious than a runny nose.

  2. Meran says:

    FYI, a great proportion of those who got the H1N1 flu also got a secondary effect: an upper respiratory infection. This includes stuffed sinuses, draining, causing infected throats, moving into bronchitis. This does NOT go away. A low grade, on again off again fever us attendant, with the patient feeling alternately chilled and then far too warm. Irregular sleeping is also part (sleeping long and at wrong times, then awake also at wrong times.)
    it’s what’s been hanging on me since I had the flu in October. I’m a little better now that I’ve changed docs, but am on my third round of antibiotics (it seems to be resistant.)
    I say all thus because it may be what you’re experiencing. Maybe you should get antibiotics if you’re experiencing this respiratory infection. It took me being sick for ~months, and I’m not getting chemo….
    And I’ve seen a lot of people out there with the same symptoms.
    Good luck!

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