[personal|cancer] Still sick

Another poor night, though not so bad as the previous. Woke up again after about 4 hours’ sleep with a burning throat and severe dehydration. Woke up this morning with a heavily productive cough that passed quickly, so I think that was post-nasal drip pooling in my chest. Friday’s chest congestion seems to have passed. Still have plenty going on in the upper respiratory. Temp this morning is 97.0, which is about normal for me. (I can routinely run down in the 96.x range.)

So long as I don’t run a fever, this isn’t directly engaging any of my chemo risks. The obvious conclusion is a mild spring cold of the viral persuasion, which under normal circumstances would barely slow me down. As I have extremely limited physical reserves these days, simply sitting still is exhausting. My plan to do my taxes this weekend is zeroed out, and (much more frustratingly) I am also getting no writing done on “The Stars Do Not Lie”. Or the Sekrit Projekt. Or anything else.

It’s weird how I can write even through chemo, but a stupid cold slows my brain down enough to stop me. Friday as the infection built up (I think it started Thursday afternoon/evening) I could feel myself shedding both IQ and EQ. I got dumber and less perceptive as the day went by. This is not unlike what happens on chemo weekend during the infusion process.

And while I’m terribly frustrated to lose my “good” weekend to this cold, I suspect the consequences of going into the infusion center with a cold would be far worse. First of all, they wouldn’t want me in there for fear of infecting the other patients. Second, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t hook me up while I’m fighting this. So even while I am unhappy about the timing, I recognize it could have been far worse.


and arrive this coming Thursday. Chemo infusion session six of twelve starts Friday. My job right now is to get well. But damn it, I want to write. (And blog, some topics backed up in my head.) Need my stoopid brain back from the grip of this virus.

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  1. gliovampire says:

    My best thoughts. Don’t worry about the cold, it will be well soon. It is annoying, but I know that it does not last for long (we have been through this very often). The important thing is to have a good rest and to relax. Don’t worry about anything; in one or two days (or even earlier) you will be able to write whatever you want.
    The taxes are a nuisance and this is the same in all parts of the world:-)
    Get well soon, take care of you-Lots of hugs and best thoughts.

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