[cancer] The Tuesday report

Cold continues in its long tail. I’m less miserable, but still not exactly in good shape. That I had a terrible night’s sleep didn’t help. I have a headache and am in a foul mood today. I had deliberately chosen not to take Lorazepam again, as I don’t want to become dependent on it for normal sleep, and was very tired when I went lights out last night a little after 7.

However, my lower GI had other ideas, and I didn’t get to sleep til more like 8:30. Had lengthy, fitful dreams that I was in a serious romantic relationship with , which is odd because while we’re quite good friends, I’m about as heterosexual as they come. (It was working out fine in my dreams, however.) Also had parking anxiety dreams, and a weird interlude with an underage mermaid that had me waking up feeling creepy and old.

Work today, and some writing. I am sure hoping both the headache and the foul mood lift, or it’s going to be long, tedious day for me.