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Without getting into her privacy overmuch, Mother of the Child will be in the hospital at least through the end of the week. A complication from a minor outpatient procedure yesterday has produced a potentially life-threatening infection. spent the night at a friend’s (and is on spring break this week and next), but I need to collect her this morning. She has a very difficult attitude about medical issues since my cancer onset in 2008, so this will be a week of supreme parenting challenges.

I of course was virtually useless last night due to chemo fatigue. My parents handled the vast majority of logistics and the inter-hospital transfer that happened mid-evening, while I came home and collapsed. I still managed to not-sleep, and here prior to 6 am, my scars are already aching, which is generally a Very Bad Sign. Fatigue is also a critical issue for me.

The universe being what it is, yesterday Pinion came out in trade hardback, while I sold a novella to Hayakawa for Japanese translation, and and I sold a new jointly-authored story. My first romance, I believe.

The universe also being what it is, this is the second book release date of mine marred by a major ER admission. My initial expression of colon cancer symptoms led to an ER admit on the day that the Mainspring mass market paperback was released. Yesterday’s release of Pinion coincided with this issue of Mother of the Child’s. Oh, the fricking irony.

It’s going to be a very difficult week for everybody, but especially . I still plan to be at Powell’s Cedar Hills tomorrow for my one-stop book tour. I’ll update if major changes occur.

4 thoughts on “[personal|family] More medical updates

  1. Barbara Winter says:

    So freaking unfair when the universe piles on!

  2. Deb Thompson says:

    Hope things will take some positive turns very soon. It can’t be fun tackling so much when chemo is sapping energy at the same time. Good thoughts and prayers.

  3. Cora says:

    I’m very sorry to hear this, My thoughts are with you, the child and the mother of the child.

  4. Still lighting a candle for you down here in Eugene. Will light two extras tonight for your special ones.

    I know the chemo fatigue sucks. It really, really sucks. You are not alone.

    I’m going to put a link to your blog on my blog, under the category “People Who Inspire Me”. Hope this is ok and if not, tell me and I’ll take it down.

    This too shall pass….

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