[cancer] Side effects wrap-up for this week

Been all about the stress, fatigue and lower GI this week. A little bit of mouth burn. Life issues have conspired to keep the stress-o-meter redlined this week, completely outside the cancer context. No writing either so far, for the same reasons, which does nothing for either my peace of mind or my stress levels. Otherwise, I’ve been physically okay. At this point, that likely constitutes a minor miracle. (And I say this advisedly as a thorough-going atheist.)

Shedding day has pretty much been shedding week. The usual routine is one to two days of very frequent semiliquid, occasionally violent bowel movements. By managing my lactose intake I’ve been able to mitigate the violence of this process, but through infusion session five, the pattern has held fairly well. This week has been characterized by frequent, firm movements. Ten yesterday, totaling nearly twice my body length, and netting close to three hours on the toilet through the course of the 24-hour day. (And yes, I track a lot of data, to help with self-management and side effects reporting.) Thank god for laptops.

However, that has been going on since Monday, which even assuming today approaches normal, is a four-day run for shedding. The process is inextricable from stress, however, as I usually express stress as lower GI trouble.

Otherwise doing ok. Actually rested today. I’ll see my therapist this morning, then visit Mother of the Child in the hospital again. And Day Jobbery, of course. Taxes need to be done this weekend, but I may have to give up and file an extension. They were derailed two weeks ago due to the viral cold, and right now I’m not sure I have the focus for the required competence.