[cancer|personal] The weekend that was, the week that will be

After sleeping 11.5 hours Saturday night with the aid of Lorazepam, I slept 8.5 hours last night, without chemical assistance. That much sleep means my body is really wrecked. I did feel fairly normal yesterday, for that current value of normal which includes “absolutely wrung out from chemotherapy”, but no longer in the deep exhaustion mode of Saturday. The fatigue just layers deeper and deeper.

I’m still hoping this was all bad feedback from the cold of two weeks ago and subsequent no-reserves chemo, plus the stress of Mother of the Child being in the hospital for six days. She did come home yesterday evening, thanks to the good offices of my parents in providing transportation and logistics. is home as well from her peripateses, and caring for her mother. That’s good for both of them. However, as Dad pointed out over Easter brunch yesterday, I shouldn’t fix my hopes too much, as the chemo process is cumulative.

This last week was the first time the physical stresses managed to completely derail my writing. I’ll be back on track this week, at least through Thursday, before chemo robs me of my writing again in its usual fashion on Friday. A bit different schedule this week, as I am having my bloodwork done a day in advance, so if they need to wave me off, they can do so before I blow a workday. Between myself, and , the logistics are complex.

will be here Wednesday evening, via the Witchmobile. She has Real Estate Stuff to do Thursday. will be here late Thursday evening. We don’t go in Friday as early as usual, due to the appointment schedule. This is actually troublesome for me, as mornings are my best time, so doing the actual chemo infusion from midday to midafternoon instead of from midmorning to early afternoon will challenge me a bit more.

Oh, well.

Meanwhile, the week awaits.