[cancer] Better

I’m feeling much better, or was until I had a crappy night’s sleep. “Better” for that value of better that includes being on chemo.

Finally wrote yesterday. Edited, actually, but it was still writing. Back to “The Stars Do Not Lie” this afternoon, barring unexpected developments.

has had an unexpected change of plans and will be here today. arrives tomorrow evening. I’m doing part of my chemo sequence (setting the needle and getting bloodwork) on Thursday this week, a day ahead of the infusion, so that will be a new routine for me.

I confess to some serious resentment of all the time and productivity lost over the past few weeks, between my cold, the resulting fatigue crash, and the non-cancer-related medical crises here at Nuevo Rancho Lake. But resentment boots me little, and so I release it.

At any rate, a couple of days of normalcy, and writing, before I’m back in the soup.

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  1. Glad to hear you celebrating your victories no matter the size. Strength and healing to you Jay. We’re pulling for you.

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