[links] Link salad twists in the wind

Cthulhu Has Risen…Black Gate reviews Cthulhu’s Reign, in which I have a story.

Analyzing Transients: Pulsars or Beacons? — I’m fascinated by the granularity of the Kardashev scale subclasses cited in this piece.

APOD with an image of Venus and Mercury over Spain — I swear that’s West Texas.

Coburn: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear On Fox News — Inexplicable. Coburn is one of the real lunatics in the Senate, even by Republican standards. Walkback and groveling Limbaugh apology coming in 3, 2, 1…

Deconstructing the facade of John Ensign — Republican Senator caught in a major sex/money scandal, that you may never have heard of. (He slept with his best friend’s wife, then paid them off under the table to keep quiet.) Money shot: “The reason you don’t see people rallying around him is he was so in your face about the morality stuff,” a Nevada Republican operative said. Ensign was active in Promise Keepers and openly evangelical, gushing with pious intonations. This is why so many “real Americans” vote Republican: to defend family values! Look! Bill Clinton!

Gun Advocates Plan DC March On 15th Anniversary Of Oklahoma City Bombing — Way to celebrate American conservative terrorists blowing up a day care center along with a few hundred office workers. Stay classy, guys, it’s what you do best.

By Its Own Standards, The “Surge” Failed, among others, has argued with me that the Iraq War is a success, because of the success of the Surge. Taking that argument at face value for the sake of discussion (because in fact I disagree strongly with its embedded assumptions), this analysis of the Surge based on Bush’s own declarations about the strategy from conservative commentator Daniel Larison is interesting.

?otD: How many roads must you have traveled down?

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