[cancer|personal] And the crises roll on; plus a disquisition into my dreams

Slept short and weird last night. Crashed hard early, woke up at 2:30 am, never went back to sleep. In a nutshell, this is Not Good. At least the GI stuff has settled down to the usual dull roar.

Strange dreams, too. I’ve lost the very beginning, but at some point I was making out with in a men’s room somewhere while was searching for us via PA announcements. Everything came out alright in the end, then we went to an open-air restaurant in Central Park which was partly closed off for the filming of some TV show. knew one of the producer’s aides on the set, and we wound up getting into a discussion about spec script writing.

Somehow, without transition, I found myself driving around a NASA facility in a dark blue Ford police interceptor. (I’ve never owned one of those, though a baby puke yellow Ford LTD wagon was in my life for a while back in the 1990s — that’s the car I flooded with raw sewage while driving it, if you’ve ever heard me tell that story; also the car I took over the river in Mexico on a canoe ferry. Also the car I was driving the night I nearly wound up in a shallow grave but for the luck of fools and the forbearance of some very puzzled, heavily armed men. Probably just as well I don’t own it any more, upon sober reflection.) I parked the Ford and went into some building, but none of the doors had handles and I very nearly got trapped by security.

Back outside, I wanted to see them assemble the LEM in a nearby building, but I was having a lot of trouble with my car. Then I realized I’d left my 1958 Chevrolet work truck there, too, and was trying to drive both vehicles at once with very limited success.

Anxiety much?

In other news, no writing this past weekend due to family medical issues. And I may be double booked on medical business this afternoon, so I’ll be quite surprised if I get any writing done today. This is frustrating the hell out of me. I’m not in actual danger of defaulting on any deadlines quite yet, but this is not me.

In other other news, a/k/a my mom is still in the hospital, and is a candidate for some invasive testing today. Depends on some further medical opinion on tests performed so far. If they go forward with that, I’ll be ditching both Day Jobbe and writing to be at the hospital. If they don’t go down that path, she should be released today. a/k/a my sister has been camped over there since this began, for which I am eternally grateful, because I have neither the energy nor the immune system to be hanging out at the hospital all the time. Meanwhile, has a major specialist appointment today to follow up on some issues, that I really need to be at. And here’s me drastically short on sleep, which means by midday I’ll be a real mess in terms of energy and focus.

Ghu, this all sucks a lot.