[food] Facing off with the KFC Double Down

Here at this blog, we subject ourselves to heinous tortures and food crimes so you don’t have to.

Today’s edition of “Where’s Jay’s Cardiologist” is brought to you by the KFC Double Down. This is perhaps the most American of sandwiches, reinvented without any bread whatsoever! Yes, 540 calories of carb-free goodness…

The Double Down lurking in its lair, like a rabid weasel after a night huffing duct sealant with disbarred sorority sisters:


I bravely attack the vicious beast, throwing myself on the altar of the crunchy-fried-brown food group:


Wounded, the Double Down retreats into its crispy shell:


With God as my witness, I shall never eat another one of those damned things again, but it truth, it wasn’t that bad. About like eating a plate of chicken tenders with cheese sauce and bacon. Mmm…bacon. If you like crunchy, salty, fried things, this may be nirvana. If you like your arteries free-flowing, not so much with the Double Down.

A nutritional disaster? Sure. Still, quintessentially American to the point of wretched excess, and rather tasty to boot. My inner twelve-year old was all over it. I think the noise I heard as I bit into it was my cardiologist shrieking.

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4 thoughts on “[food] Facing off with the KFC Double Down

  1. I’ve seen a report that it is actually 1190 calories:


    I was surprised to see the low number you quoted, which is what KFC advertises, indeed. I think it is BS, too.

    1. Gregg says:

      This cityrag posting is the kind of BS (to steal a term) that gets spread around the internet, that really frosts me. Totally bogus info and yet people are posting it like fact. Here’s more real math based on KFC’s nutrition page.

      2 OR fillets @ 170 cals = 340
      2 2/3 Oz cheese slices @ 66 cals = 132
      2 Bacon @ 35 cal = 70
      1 Sauce @ 100 = 100
      Total = 642 cals.
      KFC says 540.

      (The biggest diff is the article says they use 2 full 6oz KFC OR chicken breasts for this thing. Yeah … right … THATS THE REAL BS.)

  2. Nadine A says:

    Just saw this and thought you might appreciate it. http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/04/12/KFC-double-down-comic-book-ad/

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