[personal|cancer] Medical updates from several quarters

After much further fire drilling and sheer confusion, successfully underwent the required medical procedures yesterday. She is going home today in the strong hopes that her symptoms will be alleviated.

At this point, I wouldn’t send a dog to Kaiser Sunnyside for cardiac care, or anything else, really. Even their patient relations people were pretty hopeless. The fact is my mom did get the care she needed, but the dreadfully bad medical communications policies, rank unprofessionalism of the hospitalists, and the financial impacts of their poor decisionmaking (which will cost my fixed-income mother an additional $800 out of pocket) add up to a piss poor healthcare experience. The actual medical care, when they could find their arses with both hands, was fine. But the wrapper around it was somewhere between Keystone Kops and nigh-criminal neglect.

Meanwhile, Mother of the Child’s misadventures due to an OHSU procedural error have racked up about $30,000 in bills, of which about $2,000 is flowing to me as patient responsibility. Discussions will be underway shortly with their business, and doubtless legal, team.

I am in day two of infusion session eight, and so far am much less miserable than the past few sessions. Knock on wood. More to come as time and energy permits, but this going fairly smoothly thus far. As I write, I have about 26 more hours on the pump.

We are trying for the third time to have a family celebration of ‘s birthday tomorrow evening. If everyone can stay out of the hospital for a day or two, and chemo doesn’t wreck me too badly, and I will attend, likely with in tow. In other good news, is going to come down for a day or two next weekend, which means she’ll see ‘s turn as a Maypole Dancer on 5/1, at the Waldorf School’s Mayfaire.

Me, laying low. is heading out now for erranding. I am mellowing. Y’all play nice.