[cancer] Current state and looking forward

Yesterday I was deeply exhausted. As bad as chemo Sunday. I may have caught some of ‘s cold, for one thing. For another, there has been significant pre-teen/parent emotional chaos around here, which is (to put it mildly) extraordinarily draining for me. Lower GI function has sort of caught up, but we’re at Wednesday with no Shedding Day activity yet, which may not bode well.

Several folks have asked me when the chemotherapy will be over, and what I’ll get back. Much like the chemo side effects themselves, I expect recovery to come in stages.

My last chemo session is currently scheduled for June 18th to June 20th. If my blood chemistry wonks out too much between now and then, it may be postponed a week or two. (In point of fact, my blood chemistry has held up surprisingly well thus far.) I expect some side effects to lessen noticeably within 2-3 weeks of that last infusion date, including the extreme fatigue and the continual lower GI distress. Others, such as my immune system issues, will trail out for a month or two. I think I’ll be more-or-less normal by September, including lifting the last of my toxicity restrictions.

Energy. Time. Focus. Lack of discomfort. (This isn’t a particularly painful process, not in the sense that surgery is painful, but it is amazingly uncomfortable.) I cannot wait to be somewhat myself again. But for now, I have to be who I am until I’m done.

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