[books|cancer] The Specific Gravity of Grief

If you’re interested in my single-title novella “The Specific Gravity of Grief” (early review here), it can be pre-ordered from Fairwood Press here.

The initial release is a numbered, limited edition. If it sells through quickly, we’ll probably do a general release. Fairwood Press and I have not yet discussed ebook or online possibilities, but that’s much on my mind.

I’m not generally in the habit of explaining my fiction, but this is a special piece. What I was trying to achieve with it was to communicate the internal emotional experience of cancer, to give a healthy reader a real understanding of what it feels like to go down this road. If I had my way, there would be a copy in every oncologist’s office in America, not for the patients but for the families and caregivers.

It’s not genre fiction, except in the loosest possible sense, but it touches on genre a lot, as I used myself as a character. “The Specific Gravity of Grief” isn’t exactly fiction at all, though it is fictional autobiography without being a roman a clef.

I’ll certainly write more about cancer, both in fiction and outside of it, for the rest of my life, but I suspect this will be my most raw, most honest, unfiltered take. A book to be experienced but not enjoyed, perhaps.

Please excuse my hubris in speaking for the book.