[cancer] More updatery, coz that’s what I do

Lots of social stuff yesterday. By the time arrived, a little before 6:00, I was burned out. was still here, so they caught up while I made ready to crash. I think I was asleep by around 7:00, awake around 3:30. Oi.

More dreams of sexual and food frustration. As my therapist says, completely unsurprising. The spirit has never lost its willingness, but the flesh grows ever weaker. Thank Ghu for patience, creativity, love and understanding.

This morning I finally managed some lower GI activity for the first time since Monday. You can imagine the resulting pleasantness. At least I’m not going in to infusion weekend stopped up, as I did last time. That only multiplies issues.

Otherwise, exhaustion continues as an Xtreme sport here at Nuevo Rancho Lake. Yesterday it was accompanied by some jolly headaches. Peripheral neuropathy also seems to be a nearly full time thing now. Still, I bear up and march on. I figure on seeing the first glimmerings of normal around the end of June.

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