[cancer] Another week, a bit of retrospect

Slept very solid last night, which makes up for the difficulty of the previous night. Lorazepam really is my friend, and my GI is more-or-less back under control. The new side effect of foot spasms continues intermittently. thinks it’s because I’m not walking enough. I used to be a 10,000 steps a day kind of guy. I’m probably doing 500 steps a day right now.

Feeling fairly stable this morning, medically and emotionally, especially with a/k/a my mom out of the hospital again and on track for a diagnosis that may help close out her pain and difficulties of the past months. I have a therapist appointment tomorrow, arrives, leaves, drops in for a visit. Such a day. Thursday we go in for the needle to be set and to have the bloodwork done, meets unfettered with her contractors and an empty house, arrives, and my parents take us out for an early birthday dinner, assuming my energy holds up. Friday, of course, is infusion session eleven of twelve.

In case you missed it with the holiday weekend, I made a couple of major cancer-related posts that may be of interest:

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If I ever make a book out of the last two years’ blog trace of my cancer experiences, I expect these two in some further-edited form may well be the anchor essays.

Anyway, today seems okay for me. I hope it’s okay for the people who love me.

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  1. Nearing the end, Jay. It keeps getting tougher, but my bet is on you being tougher still. Hang in there.

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