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[contests] Win a copy of METAtropolis

Metatropolis Cover

As you may already know, the Tor edition of Hugo-nominated shared-world anthology METAtropolis — featuring novellas by Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, John Scalzi, Karl Schroeder, and me — comes out on June 8th.

We’re having a contest to give away five copies of the book, one on each of our blogs.

Which means after you enter here (contest closes on June 7th and winners will be announced on June 8th), you can enter on the other four author blogs for a pentagonal path to glory. Yes, five chances to win a free book!

For my contest, here’s what you need to do:

Post an image in comments of the city of the future. Show me what a METAtropolis really looks like. Can be a photo, a photoshop, or art. But when you post it, give me a paragraph or more of caption to make it clear what you’re thinking.

So, for example:

Tiltshift of White River Falls power house

In the future, we will all live in small rural ruins at the bottoms of the canyons because we are hiding from the megapodal landsharks that will roam the surface of the Earth from horizon to bloody horizon thanks to the drastic unravelling of John Scalzi’s genetic experiments. The Beverly Hillbillies will be our guide to Nature, and we will all eat Hostess baking products delivered by hoverboard.

I will pick the one that either makes me laugh the hardest or think the hardest. Ideally both.

Bear’s contest here: here.

Toby’s contest here.

John’s contest here.

Karl’s contest here.

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